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The Climate Restorers Channel

People working to restore our climate to one in which all life can thrive.

Phone:    +1 360 712 9919

A magazine series about restoring our climate

The news, science and events around climate change are dynamic.. There's a vast amount of information available to the general public but it's scattered across the web and is often  sensationalized or difficult to understand.

We present important information that's easy to understand and join the dots, explaining its relevance and how it mcould affect you

The Climate Restorers channel provides up-to-date accurate, easy to understand information about where are, where we need to be, and how we might get there.

Where we are, where we need to be - and how we might get there

Featuring many of the world's top scientists, social changemakers, innovators, policymakers, activists, artists, economists and visionaries 

Presenter driven, the series consists of a generic structure, but each episode has an overall theme.


The elements



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Introduction and title sequence reflecting the episode's theme, such as 'ocean permaculture'

Interview with main guests -  e.g. Prof. Victor Smetacek, based at the Alfred Wegener Institute of Oceanography, in Bremerhaven, Germany

The business of saving the planet looks at how innovators, entrepreneurs and visionaries are moving forward in the search for economically sustainable ways to reduce and remove CO2 and methane from the atmosphere

Climate headlines includes a brief, simple explainer on some of the stories making headlines: the people behing the story, their purpose, intended outcomes, challenges, and the overall benefits

37% of global greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to the construction industry. So what's being done to address this? We cover the people, the ideas and the opportunities to reduce and remove CO2 in the built environment. How do we imaging a new, less extractive future where human settlements are part of the solution, not just part of the problem?

The production team

A lean but highly experienced core team based in Washington State manages the overall research and logistics but delegates distant filming and some local organizing to capable associates in our networks around the world.

The researchers / reporters

Currently we have people in:

Germany                Bremerhaven

Philippines            Manila

South Africa          Cape Town

USA                        Seattle area

The consultants

The intended audience

We're aiming at the general public, educational institutions and policymakers, scientists and innovators.   But some subjects will also be of interests to students, artists, activists, social changemakers and others. 

The platform



Through a modest marketing budget and our networks of NGOs, universities, agencies, governments, youth and women's leadership organizations and other bodies around the world we will cross-promote through a combination of social media marketing on online channels, newsletters and organizational barter arrangements.

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