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Our donors and ambassadors so far

It's not easy to drive profound societal and planetary change on a shoestring! We want to thank our wonderful donors, and our ambassadors in different cities around the world for their wonderful contributions of time, skill, insight and/or funding. 

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, LOVELY PEOPLE!            = major donors and facilitators

Rosemary Alpert

Charlene Andrade

Anonymous (12)

Bud and Jackie Anderson

Apple Valley Community of Christ

Richard J Baker, Jr

Jane Barnard

Timothy Barnard 

Elizabeth Barrett

Sue Barton and Don Morrill 

Christina Benz | Napa Climate Now

M Suzanne Berry

Jacquie and Paul Bethel | Community of Christ

Mike Botts

Dick and Carol Bourne 

Cora Bow

Jay Bowen

Doris Brevoort, PhD

Jennifer Brock Olson | Community of Christ

Leslie Brooks | Community of Christ

Charles Brown, PhD & Susan Brown 

Christi L Carey

Julie Carpenter

Bev Corrington | Community of Christ

ML de Bruyn

Michael de Mol | Community of Christ

Julia Dederer

Kristofer Doerfler

Dorothy & Dennis | Community of Christ

Carole Douglis

Alexandra Dowling 

Rod Downing | Community of Christ

Steven F Drury

Vicky S Drury

Sherri Dysart

Carol & Jeff England

Andrew Fellows | Community of Christ

Ella Joan Fenoglio

Peter and Sharon Fiekowsky

Peter Garrett

Richard Garrett

Katherine Gold

Laurie Gordon | Community of Christ

David Gottfried

Alisha Graves

Susan Gray

Charles Greenberg | Community of Christ

James Greenberg | Community of Christ

Sarah Hardy

Judy Harrington | Community of Christ

Joy & Glen Harris | Community of Christ

Glynn C Hoener, PhD & Scott E Schuttner

Sam Humphries

Mary Jane Irelan

Frank James, MD

Kevin Kane

Liliana Karesh

Gordon Keating

Suzanne Kent

Harold and Lee Lasley

Margaret Kent Love

Sen. Liz Lovelett

David Ketter

Kelsey Kittleson

League of Women Voters of Napa County

Michelle Li

Judith Luffman

Linda Lyshall

Virginia Malmquist, PhD

Michael Martens

Barbara McChesney

Frances McChesney 
Hollis C McLellan Unruh

Don Morrill

Napa Climate Now! 350 Bay Area 

Ivy Ndambuki

Alice Norris | Community of Christ

Susan Oxley | Community of Christ

Zib Owethu

Peter Paap

Marilyn Paul, PhD

Karen Plass

Liza Potter-Haynes

Jane Pritchard

Islamiat Abi Raji, PhD

David Roberts, PhD & Allison Roberts

Bob Rodes

Anne Sands

Save Napa Valley 

Gabriela Schaepman-Strub, PhD

Sarah Severn

Steve Shaffer

Howard Sharfstein

Jorge Silva

Denise Sparrow

Shodo Spring

Jack Stanton

Casey & Lorna Stevens 

Joan Thompson

Cynthia Tuthill, PhD

Antonia Vorster

Dorothy Ware | Community of Christ
Diane Warren
Will Whidbey

Dean & Susi Wight | Community of Christ

Jim Wilson 

Jiasong Yuen

Taiming Yuen James and friend

Ron Zee

Janet Zeiger | Community of Christ

and hundreds of wonderful friends attending our screenings who helped cover venue costs through door donations!

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