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Welcome to the production site 

The Climate Restorers

A global documentary series
exploring climate and ecosystem restoration

returning the climate to a state in which
all life can thrive

Four one hour episodes

Photo: Dr Dionne Miles

What kind of world do you imagine in 2050?

John Bowey
Dr Phoebe Barnard
Co-producer / science-policy advisor
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For everyone who wants to know exactly where we're at - and where we need to be to create a world where all life can thrive

The Climate Restorers - initially called Back to Our Future - is a four-part global series on climate and ecosystem restoration, with a bold vision of taking back our agency to enable a positive future for humanity and the planet.

Our latest overview trailer for the full series:

Award-winning actor, writer, narrator Peter Coyote shares in the trailer below why he chose to narrate the series ...

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Join us as we travel the globe, meeting the people and places in the evolving sciences of climate restoration.

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To predict the future, we must create it


The world doesn't have to be this way - heading to climate and social disaster - or end this way. We can change it. 

But dramatic, transformative change is necessary, and needs to accelerate fast.


A restoration future for our climate and planet is not only possible, it's already underway. And it can herald the start of a kinder, wiser, more humble civilization.  


The Climate Restorers is a forthcoming global documentary series of four films, now in post-production, on stabilizing and restoring our climate and planet.   Watch the trailer for episode two:

  • The series has been recorded in Alaska, California, Washington, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maine, Colorado, Washington DC, Iceland, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Germany, Uganda, Rwanda, Mexico, Pakistan, India, Egypt and Barbados.

  • John Bowey, awarded international director-producer of films, immersive media and talk shows (My Otherland, Insight Out, People of the South), drives the creative vision and production.

  • Emmy-winning narrator, actor, director and screenwriter Peter Coyote calls this the most important project he’s ever voiced.

  • Climate philanthropist Peter Fiekowsky set in motion an aspirational global conversation around climate restoration, and he and climate activist and actor Alexandra Dowling are executive producers.  

  • Global change scientist/policy strategist Prof Phoebe Barnard is co-producing and brings  in top scientists, political leaders, economists, activists, social change-makers and specialists.

  • Emmy-winning cinematographer Cameron Currier is lensing much of the production.

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Climate restoration - it's the biggest thing we're not talking about

The Climate Restorers shifts our perceptions of the future - the climate we could have, if only we choose to create it.


The 4-part series explores climate restoration: the people, their visions and stories, and four major nature-based technologies of carbon removal and methane oxidation. Together with ecosystem restoration on a vast scale, these can stabilize and restore our climate, our planet, and our future.


The series also explores the social and economic changes we need to move 'back to our future.' It provides a positive vision of a new civilization in which we accelerate safe technologies, restore ecosystems, and shift mindsets.

The series is in post-production - coming soon to global TV broadcasters and streaming channels.

See our related ambitious global initiatives, the Global Restoration Collaborative and the Global Evergreening Campaign, for the restoration of ecosystems and the climate at vast scales - to accelerate progress on the UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration - 1 billion people involved in ecosystem and climate restoration by 2050, powered by youth, women, and men from science, policy, activist and technical expert communities, and informed by people that we know as indigenous 'cultural bridges.'  

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Interviewing Professor Sir David King, former UK science advisor, at Cambridge University

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Collaborative solutions are needed at scale, at speed, this decade

The Climate Restorers is a groundbreaking global documentary series on the future of our planet and civilization. 

In four 52-min episodes, it shows how four little-known nature-based technologies, combined with vast-scale ecosystem restoration, a major shift in mindsets and a commitment to the future, could  stabilize and restore the climate, our living planet, and societies.


Stabilizing the climate buys us the time to make transformative change in our societies and mindsets - a tall order with a fractious global population of eight billion in highly unequal societies.  And it's increasingly possible through four types of nature-based technologies being explored for carbon removal and methane oxidation - when combined with large-scale ecosystem protection and restoration. 


Permafrost tunnel research facility operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers ERDC-CRREL team, Alaska. 

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The series arose initially from the 2022 publication of an ambitious book, “Climate Restoration: the Only Future That Will Sustain the Human Race” by Peter Fiekowsky and Carole Douglis.   Yet it goes well beyond the book.


The Climate Restorers is an independent and clear-eyed exploration of the opportunities of, and obstacles to, climate restoration - scientific, technical, psychological, social, and economic. 


We ask how to remove these obstacles and reframe our future through regeneration, rather than exploitation, of our planet and climate.

Top global scientists, economists, politicians, social changemakers, justice advocates and indigenous wisdom keepers reflect on the crossroads at which our civilization finds itself – and the urgent action needed on a global-grand-challenge scale to reduce catastrophic risk to our future. The series is a probing analysis of potential pathways to that action. 

The Climate Restorers will energize, inspire and equip viewers to rethink our future in times which have become increasingly discouraging.  Humanity can, if we choose to do so, restore the climate and planet: we have the skills, the resources, the youth energy, and potentially numerous nature-based and other technologies to dramatically reduce methane and CO2 from the atmosphere. This is urgently needed to buy humanity the precious time needed for a fundamental shift of mindsets and culture in the next few decades. 


All we have to do is choose that better future, and pull out all the stops make it happen. 

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The best way to deal with climate anxiety is to get involved

In Florida, we covered the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, and the people for whom increasingly severe climate  instability is a harsh and miserable reality.

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It's never been just about the science - it's about our attitudes, our systems, and our choices  
The episodes
Ep 1.  The only way to predict the future is to create it
Ep 2.  Carbon removal, settlements and the built environment 
Ep 3.  Blue carbon on a blue planet 
Ep 4.  This changes everything : the restoration civilization
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So what future do you imagine?

Isn't it worth learning about what's really happening, the choices we still (barely) have, and where we could be going?
Join us on a journey of discovery and the chance to shift the narrative
 - to one of a world in which we all can thrive on t this beautiful planet. 
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