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A growing storm, or a break in the weather?

What do you see?


Behind the scenes of The Climate Restorers - Leading the Way Back to Our Future

Episode one

Watch the opening scene:

How do you start another documentary series about the climate, when daily stories about the weather and climate catastrophe are becoming as routine as the sports news?

Sometimes, people like volume. But the volume of climate-catastrophe news may be numbing people and normalizing the situation.

Our opening tornado sequence mirrors the social paralysis that many in the affluent world exhibit when faced with challenges they feel are out of their control, and don't connect with their own choices.

BAR F.jpg

A few shots from the tornado bar sequence

BAR C.jpg

Episode one focuses on methane - a far more potent greenhouse gas than CO2 that offers significant opportunities to slow down the rate of heating. 


As it has a slow lifespan in the atmosphere, though, major reductions in methane emissions could be felt within only 8 to 12 years. 

Special thanks to


News anchor

Mike Yeoman

Bar cast:

Ryan Bogenreif

Brian Young

Angela Marinella

Philip Prud'homme

Michelle Stahl

Rob Zwick

Rob Zwick's sister

Kevin Coleman

Street youth:


Iver Robson Light

Haley Garreau


Tornado footage

Spencer Dant


JUXT Bar, Bellingham

KAPS Radio & studio

Streets of Seattle

News anchor

Mike Yeoman


John Bowey

Phoebe Barnard

Pat McDonnell

Cameron Currier

Ryan Bogenreif

Phoebe, Juxt staffer

Up in Fairbanks, we connected with methane and tundra lake ecologist, Dr. Katey Walter Anthony, who showed us how climate heating thaws

permafrost and the landscape. Thawing permafrost releases methane, which in turn contributes to heating, which further accelerates

thawing. It's a feedback loop with potentially catastrophic consequences.

Behind the scenes in Fairbanks, Alaska

A few location shots from Fairbanks, Alaska

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