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The Screening Room

A Transmediavision Educational Resource

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Join a community focused on gathering and sharing information on the evolving science of climate restoration – returning our climate to one where all life can thrive again.

We connect with many of the world’s top scientists, policy makers, innovators and visionaries to find out what is really going on – where we need to be – and how we can get there.

The raw interviews

The Climate Restorers (part one) Pre-release

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Get inspired

Explore some of the many interviews we're recorded with top scientist, policy makers activists and many more

A sample of interviews with people working to make meaningful positive change in how we approach the challenges of climate change.

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Engage with like-minded people to explore how to address your concerns and channel your will to address and change the climate dilemma.

Hear about what motivated these people to join a climate restoration organisation

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