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Back to Our Future

A global documentary series about restoration and survival

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In a world where climate catastrophe seems to grow at a dizzying pace,
we invite you to be a part of the change needed to return our climate and planet to a state where all life can thrive

Back to Our Future is a climate solutions documentary - not a climate fear documentary.  It takes a compelling, inspiring, surprising, independent look at an little known, but fast-emerging field: climate restoration

If we can restore the climate with nature-based methods, dramatically drop our emissions of greenhouse gases, and restore ecosystems on a vast scale, then we may just be able to turn our civilization away from the abyss - to repair and stabilize our planet, climate and civilization. 

This is our moonshot moment: do we accept a future of dystopia? Or fight for a wiser, kinder, more stable and more meaningful future, by restoring our climate to pre-industrial, safe levels?  The choice is ours.

Content elements:

  • 4 episodes (52 min for global scheduled TV broadcasting, then video-on-demand streaming)

  • A modified version for the film festival circuit

  • Branded social media options for sponsors (30 sec-2 min with local, regional and global reach )

  • "Dispatches" shorts on the exclusive footage and adventurous work of the crew, behind the scenes

Participants:  the world's top scientists, activists, economists, policy strategists, and a few rare climate-leading politicians from the Salish Sea region and beyond


  • Episode 1.  The only way to predict the future is to create it - overview; the 'sprint' for methane and other super-pollutants
    Episode 2.  Blue carbon on a blue planet - ocean permaculture and food webs

  • Episode 3. Carbon removal and regeneration nature’s carbon warehouse, and restoring our planet
  • Episode 4.  This changes everything - social change: everything, everywhere, all at once                                     
  • more detail

Global distribution:

  • Bomanbridge Media (Singapore and UK).  We retain theatrical and educational rights. 

Transmediavision USA
, Washington State (based in Skagit and Whatcom Counties)

Director-Producer:  John Bowey        | IMDb profile | company website | bio | cell | email
Co-Producer:  Prof Phoebe Barnard  | own website | UW website | UCT website | bio | cell | email

 more detail of crew | more detail of production shots and interviewees

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Cell: +1 360 712 9919 / +1 360 914 2307 |

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